Melleno™ Garden Drill Bit

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Doesn’t matter if you’re a gardener who loves gardening or a professional landscaper,  Melleno™ Garden Drill Bit gives you the ability to dig holes FAST. Whether you need to plant bulbs, seeds, mix fertilizer, making fence holes, this drill bit can make the job much easier for you.


  • perfect bulb planting for tulips, iris, bulbs, bedding plants, and seedlings, etc.
  • pulverizing the soil, increase great soil-to-root contact which helps plants vegetables grow better.
  • remove weeds and roots, cultivating soil
  • mix fertilizer effectively
  • drill fishing holes, fence post holes, umbrella holes, great for DIY projects

⚡ FASTER & SAVE TIME - Wherever you would use a spade, mattock, or trowel to dig...  the drill bit can do the job 10X FASTER and with virtually MUCH LESS EFFORT REQUIRED!

✔️ EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT- go through most types of soil such as compacted garden beds, solid clay, fibrous roost, shale soil & more (we recommend to use Size 3 for the best possible results).

⛏️ LESS WORK - Let it do the hard work without getting tired. Dig more holes with ease in seconds, plant more in less time!

🧓 ARTHRITIS & INJURIES FRIENDLY - Less work means less strain on your bodies. Get through the digging process without having to worry about provoking your existing pain or injuries! 




We offer 3 different sizes of drill bits. You can select which size drill bit you want from the top of the page.

Size Width Length
Size 1 1.6 INCH 8.6 INCH
Size 2 1.6 INCH 17.7 INCH
Size 3 3.2 INCH 11.8 INCH 

The drill is NOT included. We only sell drill bits. The recommended drill to use with these bits is 18V or greater and can accomodate a 3/8" bit.

Size 1:

Perfect size for planting seedlings, vegetables, bedding plants, grass plugs and small bulbs ect. 

Size 2:

Same with size 1 but longer. If you prefer not to be on your knees all the time, this is a great option. With this size you can easily drill holes while standing up.

Size 3:

Wider and thicker for bigger hole digging. Great for general or professional use with many effective time-saving applications.



  • We strongly recommend using BOTH HANDS while using this drill bit to dig planting holes to ensure stability
  • To ensure a smooth start, insert it in then pull out slowly several times. The important thing is to go slowly to avoid hitting on big roots or rocks, the harder your soil is the slower you should go!
  • Once the drill bit is in 1 or 2 inches, you try to go in circular motions to increase digging contact, this will make the process much easier!
  • Similar to most gardening tools, KEEP AWAY FROM YOUNG CHILDREN

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